Over the years we have been determined to publish truth. If a man does not have truth, he has no foundation that will support any other additional attributes. It is for this reason that we have applied this approach to every facet of the things we do, and the products we offer. The math we have used to determine the REAL displacement capabilities of the common rail pump, is now available for you to use. We have developed a simple calculator application, that you can plug the values into and determine flow potential. The calculation that is given, is displacement not flow. We generally find that with Motorsport Diesel modified CP3 pumps, we can obtain up to 98% flow of the displacement calculation. This VE (volumetric efficiency) may not hold true, with other pump manufacturers. We have also provided a horsepower potential range calculation as well. The numbers provided are based on 10+ years of dynamometer proven results. The numbers provided may not coincide with other manufacturers products.

The specifications calculated above represent all stock CP3 pumps for the Cummins 5.9/6.7, and Duramax applications. Although these pumps displace 228 LPH, actual flow is around 200 LPH, with the exception of the 6.7 Cummins pump, which flows around 180 LPH in stock form. Most pumps on the market today maintain a 7.5 mm bore.

If you are on mobile or don’t have access to a Windows PC you can use the web version of the application here.

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