Testing Services

Injector Testing Service


Motorsport Diesel offers complete injector testing services. We use approved testing plans to determine the current state of the injector. We start with armature lift measurement, if that is within range we will then perform a baseline test. If it fails here we do not proceed further. If flow is within range we will then [...]

Replacement Parts

Single Stage Relief Valve


New BOSCH rail pressure relief valve modified for single stage operation. This valve corrects a common issue of rail pressure fluctuations and drive-ability issues inherent with the stock valve. In stock form the valve is a dual stage design, where once the valve opens due to system over pressurization it remains held open until the [...]


The maladies of a mechanical compression testing tool. Oh the effort of writing down those numbers, and cranking the engine while you are unable to see whether or not the needle on the gauge is moving. I have also found myself getting to the last cylinder, then realizing I may have inadvertently written down the [...]