The title reads ‘We Are Back!” well we never really went anywhere. Well except off of the forums and offline for awhile, the work never stopped. I still have a hard time understanding how shops and dealerships are getting by without any proper testing equipment. I don’t constitute a scan tool as a proper diagnostic tool. Until these components can be properly tested, no one seems to benefit. Sure we can tell the customer he has 100k miles on his injectors, they need to be replaced. I also suppose anytime a single issue arises, you could simply put the entire system on such as pump,injectors, lines rail(s), and high pressure connector tubes. I have seen several situations where the pump and injectors that were installed, were in worse condition than the parts that had been removed. Without any means of proper testing, time and money is wasted. I know times are tough, and money does not go that far. When you couple that with all the re-manufactured parts floating around, it is a recipe for disaster.

It is easy to consider the aftermarket’s attempts to allure everyone into buying brand new injectors, due to the fact that much of the reman market is not very good. It is also worth considering to look at injectors that cost half as much, this making you really have a hard time spending twice as much on new ones. We do understand the dilemma, and have seen it firsthand through the eyes of customers. So what is the happy medium, does one even exist.

Time for my input, which reverts back to the first paragraph, testing is of the greatest importance. At a minimum a shop should be able to flow test the CP3 pump, and the injector return. We offer several tools to do just that. Currently the Master Mind, can do this and far more.

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