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Single Stage Relief Valve


Motorsport Diesel Single Stage Relief Valve / Rail Plug Alternative New BOSCH rail pressure relief valve modified for single stage operation; not to be confused with rail plugs! This relief valve corrects common issues that plague the stock relief valve such as: rail pressure fluctuations and general drive-ability issues. The stock valve that comes from [...]


The new Motorsport Diesel Coolant Bypass kit, is efficient, compact and light weight. The flow control valve is now conveniently located into the riser. This new design will now clear virtually all turbocharger configurations. It will also work on 2nd gen and newer applications. Coolant pressures can exceed 90 psi in the rear of the [...]

Testing Services

Injector Testing Service


Motorsport Diesel offers complete injector testing services. We use approved testing plans to determine the current state of the injector. We start with armature lift measurement, if that is within range we will then perform a baseline test. If it fails here we do not proceed further. If flow is within range we will then [...]


The 24 valve 5.9 and 6.7 engines have 11 steel press in freeze plugs beneath the valve cover. These press in plugs can be blown out due to a combustion leak from a head gasket failure. Engines equipped with a multi layer steel head gasket, can actually leak under high cylinder pressure and reseal themselves [...]


We offer common rail high pressure pump testing services. If you are replacing injectors, it is a good idea to also check the condition of the pump, after all it could possibly be the reason for injector failure. We test the pump for output at various rpm ranges, such as cranking speed, and wide open [...]


This is a service performed on your existing CP3 pump, it includes the added stroke along with the other required internal modifications to increase flow output. We provide before and after testing results with a flow data sheet. If your pump does not pass the minimum flow requirement in the preliminary test, you will only [...]

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All injector purchases require either the cores to be sent first, or the core charge must be applied to the total price. Please contact us if you intend to send your cores ahead of time. NOTE: Please allow 2-4 days for your injectors to be shipped. All injectors are built to order. At Motorsport Diesel [...]

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This is the first kit of its type ever available on the market. It’s first release was in 2007, this is 3rd derivative of the original version. No other kit on the market offers the flow potential of this kit PERIOD! Do not believe the bogus percentages being advertised. Increase the flow output potential from [...]