Who is Motorsport Diesel? I suppose that may be the question for newcomers to the Diesel performance market. We were a driving force in the market beginning in 2007. It is around this time that we offered the first user installed CP3 upgrade kit, named the Arson kit. Shortly there after we developed the first increased displacement CP3 pump, the 10mm Stroker. At a time when the competition barely had a CP3 that would rival the performance of the Arson kit, we upped the ante so to speak, in a huge leap. The industry has come a long way since then, the big fish have always been doing their best to eat the little fish. With this, times change, products change, the names of the companies on top also change. I suppose the old adage is, there is no honor among thieves. The so called innovation and R&D, only seems to stand for Rob & Duplicate.

For those of you who are former customers, or personal friends from times past, we are back! This time around however, we are going to focus on our own fabricated parts and components. Parts such as dual and triple CP3 kits, sheet metal intake plenums, coolant bypass kits, hardware and fittings, and our new line of common rail testing equipment and tools.

And to answer the question, yes we still build stroker pumps. Since a 10mm CP3 has become nothing to get excited about, our efforts are moving into another direction. Stay tuned to see what develops!

Lastly, I want to offer you my ethics and philosophy. I believe that you work hard for your money, and it doesn’t go nearly as far as you would like. I believe that you would desire to purchase a part that just simply fits, and works as advertised from the onset. Over the years, I have put myself into my customers shoes on many occasions, usually when I myself wasn’t treated exactly right by another business. Consideration is a very important trait that we all should work to implement into our lives. When we couple consideration with patience, then are we truly able to reap the benefits of life to the fullest potential. I will openly tell you that I am a follower of Jesus Christ, he holds my way of salvation from sin, by his righteousness alone. Other businesses think they can change the industry for the better with the hype of being the best in the business by reputation. Then others will have to establish a better reputation through higher quality. That is external and doesn’t perform the real fix. A realization of being a wicked sinner in need of a savior is the reality for every individual, and the answer is by an internal change by the birth of the spirit within. It is only then that we are enabled to walk in the light, and see what is really important. Over the past few months, I have revisited comments left concerning my business practices on the popular forums. I am far from perfect, and never intended to portray that image. I have certainly made my share of mistakes, yet the overarching theme I see in the comments, is that potential customers were upset, not at what they bought, but that they couldn’t get it. Isn’t this what we are striving for in business? Hopefully this time around we can keep up.

Thank You, Shane Roark