Billet aluminum simultaneous valve spring compressor tool. We have incorporated a Torrington needle roller bearing assembly into the compressor nut, for bind free operation. Aluminum compressor plate for magnet use of valve lock removal. Tapered design locates the valve locks for trouble free re-installation Grade 8 fine thread compressor bolt Enclosed nut design with integral [...]

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The MD calibration fluid is to be used exclusively in MD injector testing equipment. Sold in convenient one quart bottles. We do not manufacture this fluid, we repackage it into smaller quantities for distribution. Calibration fluid for diesel injectors MD Calibration Fluid is a low viscosity test fluid for the calibration of Diesel injection pumps [...]

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Introducing the E.M.I.T. common rail Diesel injector tester. The EMIT runs on compressed air up to 145 PSI, a 120 volt AC or 12-15 volt DC power source. The unit comes with a 120 volt AC to 12 volt DC power adapter. A Windows PC, laptop, or our single board computer are required for operation. [...]

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Introduction to EMIT Introducing the E.M.I.T. common rail Diesel injector tester! The EMIT runs on compressed air up to 175 PSI and a 120 volt AC to 24 volt DC power adapter. Testing pressures up to 220 MPA or 33,000 PSI can be achieved. The EMIT enclosure is manufactured from 18 gauge steel, and finished [...]


The maladies of a mechanical compression testing tool. Oh the effort of writing down those numbers, and cranking the engine while you are unable to see whether or not the needle on the gauge is moving. I have also found myself getting to the last cylinder, then realizing I may have inadvertently written down the [...]